The visual artist Julio Le Parc was instrumental in the formation of the Groupe de Recherche d’Art Visuel (G.R.A.V.) in 1960. He was an indispensable element until its breakup in 1968.

Consisting of Horacio Garcia Rossi, Le Parc, Francois Morellet, Francisco Sobrino, Joël Stein and Yvaral, the collective’s objective was to break the isolation, challenge established theories, and experiment with art. In addition to conducting theoretical investigations on art movements and expressions, the group compiled its thoughts in a series of manifestos published throughout its existence.

The G.R.A.V. also worked to reveal the relationship between the work and the artist, the artist’s interactions with society, the relationship of the artwork with the public and the transformation of these relations.

Between 1963-1967 the G.R.A.V. carried out games, walks, mazes, and various exhibitions.

In 1968, the G.R.A.V. presented the exhibition “Environments” at the Kunsthalle Bern, a series of activities remained unrealized because its members dissolved the group with a signed manifesto.

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