In her work, Marilyn Boror studies, researches, and analyzes the indigenous languages of Central America, focusing on the power of the word as a historical trigger for cultural meanings and questions of identity.

Boror reveals the poetic of the Kakchikel language impregnated with strange signs and mysterious words that help us understand its cosmovision—its way of seeing and thinking about time and space. Her work questions the architectural form of words and the relationship between the word and the hidden image, placing the indigenous language face to face with Spanish. In her various works, through words, one can see the transformation of history and culture. They highlight the hybridity in which certain Guatemalans live as illustrated by “To Whiten the Race,” a work that symbolizes the social history of discriminated communities in which the viewer is a privileged interlocutor.

Boror participated in the XIX Bienal de Arte Paiz, Guatemala City, 2014.

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