Sitio/Seña is an artists’s collective composed of Iris Castillo, Quique Lee, and Andrea Monroy Palacios, who presents itself as a utopian project: the use of a graphic code that supports migration as an evolutionary process of culture and civilization. Sitio/Seña is inspired by fiber art and uses it as an expressive technique, closely linked to the Guatemalan textile tradition. It relies on the collaboration of the physical and electronic community to mark both a tortuous path and a guiding dream against border legislation. As group secrecy and invisibility is necessary, the proposal is a dynamic code in constant process. Sitio/Seña is a reflection on the transmigratory flows, language, collaboration, and contemporary and traditional symbolism.

Sitio/Seña is an art-in-process proposal, initiated by a group of fiber artists during 2014, first as part of the project-cum-exhibition “Guatemala después” organized by Ciudad de la Imaginación (Quetzaltenango, Guatemala) and The New School (New York). It proposes the use of  symbols to help guide transmigrants between Guatemala and the United States, based on elements of the textile tradition of both nations.

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