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Baas, Jacqueline_Unframing Experience

Beuys_Interview by Horsfield

Bishop, Claire_Participation

Bourriaud, Nicolas_Relational Aesthetics

Bourriaud, Nicolas_The Aesthetic Paradigm_Felix Guattari and Art

Bourriaud,Nicholas_Precarious Existence

Bruguera, Tania_On the Fallacies of “Useful Art””

Clark, Lygia_ Segun Suely Rolnik

Debord, Guy_Situationist International Texts

Eco, Umberto_The Poetics of the open work

Felshin_Is it Art_Group Material

Felshin_Is it Art_Intro

Hackemann, Rebecca_Stuck Between Disciplines, Notes on Public Discourse 2012

Hannula, Mika_Politics and Small Gestures

Hannula, Mika_The Politics of Small Gestures

Helguera, Pablo_Socially Engaged Art

Incedental Person_Social Practice

Ingold, Tim_Lines, A brief history

Jacob, Mary Jane and Kim Sooja_Buddha Mind

Jacob, Mary Jane and Rikrit_Buddha Mind 5

Jacob, Mary Jane_Art in a City

Jacob, Mary Jane_Art in Public Space_Exhibitionist

JUAN PABLO_Dada Seminars

Kaprow, Allan_ Assemblages, environments and happenings

Kwon, Miwon_One Place After Another, Site Specific Art and Locational Identity

Montmann, Nina_Artocracy_New Communities


OQUENDO_Díaz, Eva_The Experimenters, Chance and Design at Black Mountain College

OQUENDO_Extended Play

PARA TODOSArt and Social Change, A Critical Reader

Piper, Adrian_Out of order, out of sight

Scholette, Gregory_After OWS, Social Practice, Art, Abstraction and the Limits of the Social


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