Esvin Alarcón Lam studied Communication Science at the Universidad Rafael Landivar and art at the Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas de Guatemala (National Art School).

His practice alludes to the collective memory, insecurity in contemporary life, the passage of time, and architecture. He proposes images from the perspective of waste: waste material as construction of meaning. Alarcón Lam uses everyday materials and, to some degree, works from an archeological perspective as these elements act as containers of various specific stories that are the result of both process and social interactions. In addition, rust, aging, and the overlay of color are features that suggest the passage of time.

Through simple gestures such as restructuring, re-contextualizing, and repetition, he builds assisted readymades that dialogue with moments of art history. His pieces usually begin with narratives from social, cultural, and political realities.

Alarcón Lam was included in the exhibition “The lines of the hand,” Sicardi Gallery, Houston, Texas, 2015, and was a finalist in the “Spatial Acts: Americas Society Art Commissions” award, Americas Society, New York, 2014.

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